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The main application of magnetic flip board liquid level gauge in the process of

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Magnetic flip level meter can be used to measure the liquid gas liquid level, material selection of liquefied gas cavitation material. Principle here we do not say, directly view the basic type magnetic flip board level meter can understand.

Here a user case is used to analyze the application of liquid gas magnetic flip board liquid level meter in liquefied gas measurement..

User question: Recently, I plant measured C4 liquefied petroleum gas magnetic level indicator is these two days at noon level always ignore tall ignore low, open and close the boredom, good float, gas-liquid phase valve is also no problem, very smooth, I would like to ask is what reason?

Answer: the general cause of this phenomenon is two:

, liquid vaporized, vaporization of liquid gas blocking phenomenon, called gas block is low boiling point of liquid in the pipe of a point or a position due to outside the local temperature vaporization, the vaporized gas due to other reasons did not immediately removed and stay here occupy considerable space and block fluid flow, to form a liquid gas block.

2, may be stuck in the float, the original choice of thickness of steel tube small, or inside a large foreign body sometimes float stuck phenomenon of false water level caused by.

Third kinds of basic phenomenon does not occur, the magnetic float significantly weakened.

In the measurement of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). This phenomenon most likely reason is gasification, that if you were to buy our factory magnetic level gauge, should is in accordance with the specific conditions of site parameters customized, customized float density when fully considering gasification.