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Magnesium Oxide mesh has an effect on the electric heating tube?

2015-06-09 15:00:42 View:
Electric heating tube filling materials are generally of quartz sand, alumina and electrical grade magnesium oxide, the electrical grade magnesium oxide as good insulation, thermal conductivity and stability, and the price is cheap, is widely used today bester to with you to discuss magnesium oxide mesh is for the electric heating tube has an effect.

1, if the mesh number of magnesium oxide is too large, then the particle degree small, because the surface is scaly and weight unit area larger, easily absorb moisture, effect of electric heating tube's life, also on the scene populating the environment bring serious pollution.

2, if the mesh number of magnesium oxide is too small, the particle degree is relatively large, shrink tube after the pressure surface of the electric heating wires of electric heating tube life injury, filling is likely to cause filaments partial core, floss and heating coil core cavity undesirable phenomena.

So magnesium oxide mesh size is too big or too small will affect the life of the use electric heating tube, only a moderate mesh magnesium oxide can ensure the service life of the electric heating tube, we at the time of purchase can be to contact the manufacturer to do a comprehensive understanding.