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Introduction of silicone rubber heating plate products

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Silicon rubber heater is mainly is composed of a nickel chromium alloy heating wire and high temperature silicone rubber insulation cloth, silicone rubber heating plate can be made into various shapes and patterns according to the size of the workpiece. Silicone rubber heating plate is thin, lightweight and flexible. With this type of heater, the heater can be completely in close contact with the object being heated, allowing heat to pass to any desired place, improving heat transfer in the process, accelerating temperature and reducing power requirements. The utility model has the advantages of good waterproof performance, quick heating, uniform temperature, high thermal efficiency, good toughness, in line with the United States ul94-v0 flame retardant standards, the use of convenient and safe life for up to ten years, not easy ageing characteristics. Silicon rubber heating plate quality and stability, anti damp and anti chemical corrosion, temperature range can be from 62 ~ 235 degrees, the maximum can provide the power load of 3.1W/c square meters, because the product is very thin, good heat transfer effect and the actual heating element is very close to the workpiece. At present, there are two forms of circuit, a is etched circuit method and maximum width can do 360mm, unlimited length; heating element is flaky electric heating element structure, it than the filamentary heating elements provide more uniform thermal field, heating time and the response time is fast, and filamentary heating element compared, load power low, longer service life. The other is a round wire heating element arrangement method. In the field of industry, medical, laboratory, food and aviation has a very wide range of applications.

Characteristics of silicone rubber heating plate:

1 can be customized according to customer requirements, various shapes and sizes (such as round, oval, Shiigata,,).

2 silicone rubber heating board insulation layer from silicone rubber and glass fiber cloth composite, with high insulation performance, breakdown voltage of up to 20 ~ 50KV/mm, so can rest assured that use.

3. The silicon rubber heater installation is very convenient, can through room temperature vulcanized rubber, vulcanization installation, also can according to customer requirements mounting holes, or in the form of a bundle of bang installation.

4: the heating wire heating element in nickel alloy on glass fiber winding, the heating power can reach 2.1W/c square meters, more uniform heating.

Provide the heater life longer 5 moisture antichemical silicone rubber material.

Installation method:

1 in the flat and smooth workpiece can be used to adhesive bonding.

2 the maximum operating temperature of the pressure sensitive adhesive is: 150, 230 for the second.. The power density is less than 0.9W/c square meters.

3 coated with plastic pressure sensitive silicone rubber heater is best used in the factory within half a year, otherwise it will affect the use of glue.

4 small workpiece can come to factory precast and vulcanization, can ensure that the maximum service life of the heating plate.

Use instructions:

1 the use of the electric heating device must be noted that the continuous use of the operating temperature should be less than 240, and no more than 300.

2 the electrical heating device can work and press the pressure state, that is, it is close to the heated surface by the auxiliary press.. Good thermal conductivity, the temperature in the working area of not more than 240 degrees, the current density of up to 3W/c meters.

3 paste type installation conditions, allowable working temperature is less than 150.

4. If the air dry burning condition, material temperature limits, the power density should be less than 1 W / C square meters; non continuous condition, the power density can reach 1.4 w / C square meters.

5 the working voltage is chosen for the principle of high power - high voltage, low power - low voltage, special need can be listed outside.